How To Use This Site

The collection is divided into thematic galleries. These galleries can be browsed from the Postcard Galleries page.

The full-size postcard images are free of copyright and may be downloaded from the site using the links just below the downsized images.

The postcards in the gallery pages are in sequential order such that the reverse side of a card is the next in the series. After clicking a thumbnail to view an image you may use the arrows on the images to advance or return to the other side.

The curator of the postcard collection, Professor Andrew Nicholls, has taken cards from individual galleries and annotated their images and text. These “exhibits” may be accessed directly from the site’s main page.

To comment on the images in the exhibits you must first go to the accompanying gallery. This is a Wordpress site that uses Gallery2 and the WPG2 plug-in for Wordpress. Professor Nicholl’s exhibits are Wordpress pages while the galleries are Gallery2 albums. Commenting has been enable in Gallery2 but not in Wordpress.

Visitors are encouraged to post comments which add another dimension to the images and text of the cards.

To search the postcards gallery images themselves first go into the gallery and then use that search box. Uniform meta-data (non-schematic) such as title, description, and keywords is continually being added to the collection and will result in returns matching your search. Added keywords and descriptions may be seen below the images.

Thanks for visiting the collection!