About This Exhibit

This exhibit features postcards of children and innocence.

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The Latest Recruit


One of the Mites


Come Over


Keep Smiling


The Country Calls


“Dear Marion: I got along pretty well with my sewing yesterday. Mss Cox did not make me take it out. Did Ethel get her trunk? Did it rain home this morning. Gladys”

A Lawn Mower?


“Just a card to ask father if he still wants that lawn mower of Campbells. We are both O.K. at present and hop yous are the same.I am writing this card in a hurry. Mrs. Campbell’s are nearly all packed up. Y. Ken (?) has rented the house. Well Bye Bye. Write and let me know.”

German Band


“Just a few lines to let you knw we arrived home O.K. and I was at work before 3 o’clock. My stomach is alright again and I am not feeling too bad. Everything was alrgith when we got home. I paid Mr. Campbell for the mower. I suppose you have all the grass around the house cut. Well news is scarce just now so will draw to a close and say Bye Bye.”

Olive Oil


“Just a line or two to you before I leave to got to work to let you know that we are O.K. We received a card from Annie but no word from home this week. I am feeling fine at present and hope I continue to do so. I am taking Olive Oil and every time I rift(?) I can taste the oil-boop (?)! Hope all are well over there. We Bye Bye for now we remain…”

The Khaki


The Counter Attack


“Dear Pete. Will you look behind my bunk & see if I left a watch there. I believe it drop out of my pocket this morning please send it up I will fix it up when we get back.”

Reaction to a New Baby


“Good Luck for the Baby And I wish him to be like this. Has we need them all out Here. Christen him. John Edward.”

Souvenir Buttons


“Dear Vera I got your loving letter and it was very nice and you must write again I am writing this myself but (illegible) writing it is my hand hoping Baby Boy is alright Mom Dad and all of us listen (?) with love Uncle Jack”

Fire Away


“See you sometime on Wednesday”



Not Afraid


“eating in the parlour you are having a good time well you worked hard enough for Maz those three years you were in Grand Lake I think he had his nerve to ask you to go back. You got quite a number of nice presents. Will had a letter from Selwyn yesterday he has just been married lately. How is Hubby I hope he is better to bad he has been sick. I guess the water is pretty rough sometimes so you are going to do some more on your quilt you will be able to finish it this winter. Jessie”



The End’s In Sight


“June 24-1917″

Given that war would not end for another year and five months this was not an especially prescient message.