About This Exhibit

This exhibit features postcards with comic relief.

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The King at the Front


King George and King Albert [Belgium] enjoy an amusing anecdote.

The card is undated and carries no message. As 90% of Belgium was under German occupation during most of the war it seems unlikely that Albert, at least, would have enjoyed much amusement.

Shell Shock


Home Fires


“Dear Kids. I am going to the Concert at Grove Park tomorrow (Thursday) so shall come home at night, & take Friday off. If you all want to go to bed before I am in, just put the key on the floor in the lefthand corner of the porch, it will be quite safe. Love to all, Olive.”

Poison Gas


For Kathleen from Albert xxxxxxxxxx

Kicking the Kaiser


What did you do?


“Dear Gladys: Received your most welcome letter also one from mother this evening and some papers was quite glad to know you were in the bell and hope you’ll get along Alarming(?) weather is keeping me pretty good so that’s all for now I remain your Brother Albert. xxxxx”

Note the difference between this card and the moral suasion used in the recruiting poster carrying the same question.

Humpty Dumpty


“Dear Mary. Just a card to let you know I am well. I am sending you and [illegible]. Am getting along better. Well So Long. Your brother John.”

Camp Life


“…use. Goint to town Because By the time we there its 800 O’Clock. It takes 3/4 of an hour to walk home again and we have to be in at 9:30 So I prefer to hang around camp. The weather is very unsettled. All kinds of “Regimental” rains that means rain all night and fine all day. We would like to have it the other way about once in awhile so that we woundnt have to work. I went to church last Sunday night But will have to tell you about that in the letter. Love to all from Bill.”