About The Collection

The WWI Postcard Collection contains pictures and illustrations representing prevalent cultural themes from war time. These postcards paint a thousand words about life on the front and capture the spirit of one of the worlds greatest eras.

This website is drawn from Mr. Richard J. Whittington’s private collection of nearly 5,000 cards and images from the years immediately preceding and including the First World War, circa. 1890-1918.

The purpose of the site is to offer public access to the many moods, emotions, sentiments, and passions that were unleashed by this conflict.

The site is an ongoing, work in progress, that will channel access to the cards through a series of thematic galleries, much as one would find in a museum. Over time, these will be augmented and updated.

The collection can be visited in two ways – either directly through the galleries, or by using the annotated exhibits of the galleries. See How To Use This Site for more information on navigating the collection.